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AlzoSure® Predict

DX @ baseline AUC (Delong CI)
AlzoSure® Predict 98,6% (98-99%)
Centiloid 80,3% (76-85%)
Amyloid Status 71,9% (68-76%)
Amyloid Categories 78,5% (74-83%)

AlzoSure®Predict more accurately identifies asymptomatic and MCI from AD demented individuals (AUC=99%) compared to Amyloid Brain expressed by Centiloid (standard scale for analysing PiB-PET scan data) or also by amyloid categories and status

Diag Sensitivity
for AD
CN (SMC+NMC) 100% 99% 100%
MCI 94% 94% 97%

Ability to identify classify MCI patients >95% in same test